I have never been a big fan of tacos nor tequila but there is something about Mexico that has always kept me intrigued. With just about a week left before my first trip, I will share with you some of the places I will visit as I hope, that those of you who have been to Mexico, can give me some insights into what to see and do.

Travel Itinerary: 16 Days in Mexico

3 nights in Mexico City
The idea is to spend one day just wandering around and explore Mexico City and at night, have the courage to try to learn some salsa dance moves. I also want to go and see the pyramids of the Teotihuacan and simply just be inspired by history.

2 nights in Puebla
I want to visit the local market in Puebla, although I will probably get completely ripped off considering my lack of Spanish language skills. I also look forward to just wander around among the many (!) churches and colonial buildings. Perhaps also try to go for a hike on one of the area’s looming volcanoes?

2 nights in Oaxaca
I can’t wait until I get to walk on the narrow, cobbled streets in Oaxaca, an old colonial town.  Fika in the square, drink coffee while watching people and just enjoy the atmosphere. If possible, I would love to also visit the Monte Alban ruins.

2 nights in San Cristobal de las Casas
San Cristobal de las Casas is situated in the mountains of Chiapas and I really look forward to be fascinated by this colonial town and its surroundings. As Chiapas is one of Mexico’s premier coffee growing regions, I will definitely try some local blends. I hope I will get to learn more about the indigenous culture during my visit. Maybe I’ll visit the Museum of Mayan Medicine and go to San Juan Chamula, a small town outside of San Cristobal de las Casas, to get some insights of the distinct culture and customs practiced there. Should I also try to go to the Sumidero Canyon?

1 night in Palenque
The plan is to visit the ruins of Palenque, situated on a hilltop in an area of hot jungle, which are supposed to be very impressive!

2 nights in Merida
Nicknamed “The White City”, here I really hope I will get to learn some salsa, as dance and music is supposed to play an important part in the day-to-day life in Merida. Maybe I will also try to visit the Maya ruins of Uxmal?

2 nights in Playa del Carmen
Before snorkling and relaxing on the beach in Playa del Carmen, I will get to see one of the new Seven Wonders of the World – Chichen Itza. Simply just love the fact that the “relaxing” part of my Mexican trip is at the end of the trip, allowing me to chill and simply just enjoy the sun and the beach a little bit before going back home to Sweden.

Mexico pots

As I booked this trip just a few weeks ago and don’t speak any Spanish (although, thanks to the Duolingo app, I am trying to learn a few words and phrases), I will be joining an English speaking group and have all transportation and accommodation in Mexico organized. This means I can concentrate 100% on just exploring and discovering the different places I am about visit, not having to think about all the logistics.

If you have been to Mexico, please let me know what you recommend I really should see and do during my visit.



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