For me, a big part of traveling is the preparations you do before you even go to the airport to embark on a new adventure.

I read other travel blogs, who encourages people to plan less and just see where the moment takes you when you’re traveling. I agree to some extent. Having every hour of your trip planned in advance may take away the adventure and the ability to do things spontaneously and just see where things and people may lead you when you are exploring a new destination.

Yet, not doing any preparations or planning at all before going on a trip is not an option for me. The planning process is such a big part of the actual trip as it allows me to day-dream and feel excited about what is coming next. It gives me an energy boost when my day-to-day life may feel boring and exhausting.

The excitement of traveling starts already when you’re having a fika with your friends, discussing the sights you’re about to see, the food you’re about to taste and the people you’re going to meet.

The thrill of traveling begins before you have even left your home.

When you sit by your computer, reading stories on travel blogs from others who have already visited your upcoming destination – allowing you to day-dream and think about all the things you may encounter and do. Have a cup of coffee while reading the travel guide and you get even more excited about your trip the more you read about your next destination.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter how much I have read and research my upcoming trip and discovered how many things there are to see and do. What matters is that soon I will be there – with all the possibilities there is to explore and discover a new place. That feeling, knowing that soon I will be somewhere new, is why having a trip booked is so important for me as it allows me to have something to look forward to, something to dream about.

For someone, like me, who is not able to travel full-time, the preparations are a big part of traveling as it also extends the trip. The countdown, research, day-dreams, talking about the trip with friends – it all makes the adventure feel a bit longer than just a few weeks.

The excitement of traveling starts, at least for me, already when I start preparing for my next adventure in the world.


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